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ManagedSites is meant to serve customers with existing websites that require occasional updates. If you're tired of updating your site calendar, real estate listing pages, navigation options when you want to add more pages, contact information, or if you're ready to clear 'Update Website' from your To Do list entirely, ManagedSites is the plan for you.

Setup Fee Free
Monthly Fee $30.00
Work Hours Per Month 1 Hour
Initial Site Design
Turnaround Time Guaranteed 72 Hours
Disk Space 3 GB
Bandwidth/Data Transfer 20 GB
Hosted Domains 1
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How it works

Once your site is hosted on our servers (hosting is included), our technicians are available to make the updates you request within the scope of Covered Updates or most reasonable update requests. Update requests are easy to make and only involve sending an email to

Turnaround Time

We guarantee a 72 hour turnaround time for all work requested within the scope of Covered Updates, however, we strive to have every request handled within 72 hours.

Covered Updates

Please keep in mind that the list below is not exhaustive (we're certain you can think of items to update that we haven't yet), but is a good indicator of the kinds of updates we typically perform within the scope of ManagedSites and the 72 hour turnaround guarantee.

Covered Updates - General Framework
15 Minutes
  • Update web page text (provided by you, we do not write your content)
  • Upate photos/images (provided by you)
  • Update links
  • Update contact details
  • Add or update events, news, or other items (generally less than 5 items)
  • Add or update Shopping Cart items (generally less than 5 items)
  • Add or update meta tags, page titles, general site description items
30 Minutes
  • Add or update events, news, or other items (5-15 items)
  • Add or update Shopping Cart items (5-15 items)
  • Link Validation
45 Minutes
  • Add or update events, news, or other items (15-25 items)
  • Add or update Shopping Cart items (5-25 items)
  • Add or maintain contact or email forms
  • Add or update mailing lists
  • Add or update email autoresponders
  • Design/Create 1 new image (small)
1 hour
  • Incorporate search engine optimization techniques
  • Design/Create 1 new image (medium - large)
  • Update/Redesign site navigation
  • Optimize web content for speed (image size reduction, page size reduction)
  • General website consulting
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