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All of our shared hosting plans come with access to the most popular software packages available. Each of the programs below offer stability, security, and speed. If you do not see something that you absolutely need for your web presence, let us know! We may be able to install it for you; simply open a ticket with our technical support team by visiting our support section or emailing [email protected]


cPanel is most widely known for its ease of use and plethora of features. Not surprisingly, it is one of the more expensive control panels on the market, but we are positive that your reaction to total site control at your fingertips is worth the added cost.

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Ruby on Rails

Favoring "convention over configuration", Ruby on Rails is quickly gaining traction for business developers and hobbyists alike. A framework made specifically with the developer in mind to speed innovation and shorten the development life cycle.

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One of the most reliable, fastest growing scripting languages in the world. We use php for our own website due to its flexiblility, power, and speed.

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In speed tests on the bench, MySQL outperforms just about every database we've come accross. It's speed and scalability are virtually unmatched. This database platform supports the general relational structure as well as common Oracle data types such as BLOB and VARCHAR.

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Our Perl installation includes such necessities as CGI/Sendmail and many other well known Modules (not including the Access ODBC).

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Redhat Linux

Redhat Linux is the standard for high quality hosting environments. We could devote an entire website to praises of Redhat. It's reliable. It's Fast.

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Apache Webserver

One of the most popular web servers on the Internet. It's no wonder why we use Apache to handle all incoming http requests.

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